Our team is made up of passionate, experienced professionals, offering personalized, high-quality service. The agency’s real estate advisors are attentive to our customers’ specific needs and do their utmost to meet them.

Julien Claitte


Some stories begin with vision, passion and determination. Agency Group story began with one man, Julien Claitte, who saw far beyond simple real estate transactions. Julien understands that in the world of luxury, every property has its own story, every detail counts, and every customer deserves exceptional service.

Before founding Agency Group, Julien was himself a renowned real estate agent, specializing in luxury properties. However, his dream was not limited to his own success. He aspired to create a network of exceptional agents who shared his vision, an alliance where excellence and dedication were the cornerstones.

He firmly believes that a branch manager is really an agent for agents. Agency Group was born, with the conviction that individual success could be amplified by collaboration, knowledge exchange and shared passion.

A private Agency for privileged customers

Our agency offers exceptional services to a demanding international clientele. From exclusive properties to popular destinations, our expertise transcends borders to create unique real estate experiences.

Agency Group offers you top-of-the-range, tailor-made services for this mission


Mauritius Island



We’re always on the lookout for talented people to join the Agency Group. Motivated people who have something special to help develop our company and achieve their goals.

Your satisfaction is our top priority.